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Early this year, Yahoo applied forĀ  the largest set of tax breaks the state of Nebraska would allow in order to set up operations in the town of La Vista. It will invest over 100 million dollars in this operation, create approx. 50 jobs for the state with an average salary of almost $70,000.

How the hell can they do that? They just announced plans to lay off 1500 employees from their California site, trim $400 million in expenses, and CLOSE several sites around the US.

The only rationale for this is the TAX BREAK! If Nebraska gives a larger break than say Ohio, well let’s move there. Something is very wrong with this philosophy. I can’t afford to sell my home and move to a town or state which has lower taxes. It’s not even cost-effective for me to trade my gas-guzzling SUV for something more economical.

Sorry, but I think that’s just plain wrong. I’d like to see a country chock full of SMALL businesses – people working for THEMSELVES, not the government. I’d LOVE to start a small business of my own. But I’d need at least $250 million in capitol to start it.


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